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On Friday, April 21st, the CSDA Board of Directors voted unanimously to sign an affiliation agreement with the Central Valley Local Chapter of CSDA. (CVLC). The Chapter, which encompasses all of Fresno, Kings and Tulare counties, was created to provide a local forum for member districts to discuss and consider issues of importance to special districts.

CVLC’s stated mission is To provide a professional organization that promotes responsible, responsive and transparent governance in California Special Districts; develops new innovative ideas through accessible professional learning programs and preserves best practices and stewardship of resources by promoting collaboration, sharing of ideas found in local membership to raise awareness, advocate on behalf of membership by showcasing accomplishments to local constituency.”

In addition to hosting workshops, educational seminars, and programs of mutual interest and benefit to its members, the CVLC will also make recommendations regarding policy, programs, services and legislation to the Board of Directors of CSDA.

In approving the affiliation agreement, the CSDA Board of Directors expressed their gratitude to CVLC President Lorenzo Rios, Vice-President/Secretary Sandi Miller, and Treasurer Joe Barcelos, for their efforts in making the affiliation possible. CVLC is CSDA’s 14th affiliated chapter in California.

Those interested in becoming a member of the CVLC are encouraged to contact Chapter President Lorenzo Rios at

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